How it works wallet enables both: strict KYC & AML checks, as well as, application of eIDAS Qualified Electronic Signature  based on digital certificate issued by EU Trusted Services Provider (TSP). 

The process of a digital product on-boarding and follow on peer-to-peer communication is fully audited in decentralised manner via public blockchain which makes finID wallet an entry point suitable for Qualified Electronic Registered Delivery (ERDS) service.

The wallet is using modern cryptography such as Zero Knowledge Proofs, Digital Signatures and public blockchain technology to protect personal data used in KYC/AML checks. These are disclosed as per consumer approval in P2P transactions directly or within documents i.e. no third party access to personal data.

finID is using smart contracts that are powered by digital stamps (blockchain token) which are used to enable P2P message audit, time stamping,  and to distribute TSP associated costs. Tokens also enable real time cryptocurrency payments and fiat payment confirmations.